How to make your computer kid safe

If you’re like most modern families, your children know how to use your computer and tech devises better than you do! Children are learning to play on iPads and laptops rather than lite-brites and etch-a-sketches. Therefore, it is more important than ever that you make your computer kid safe and kid proof. 

How to make your PC kid safe:

  1. Create a separate user account for your child. Only allow your children to use limited features with restrictive controls. Teach your child that they are only allowed to use their account.
  2. Limited users cannot change system settings or install new hardware or software, including most games, media players and chat programs. To accomplish this, log in as the administrator. Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove User Accounts. Click Create New Account.
  3. Once you have the account set up, return to the Control Panel. Under User Accounts, click Set up Parental Controls. Under Windows Settings, click Windows Vista Web Filter and set up the restrictions you want on web content. Under Windows Settings, click Games and set the rating for the games you will allow your child to play.
  4. Your PC should also allows you to set time limits and view logs that will show you your child’s activity on the computer.

How to make your MAC kid safe:

  1. Start the same way as you would with a PC and create a separate user account for your child and teach them to only log into that account.
  2. Log in as administrator. Open System Preferences and click “accounts”. Click on the lock icon and enter your administrator password. In the Login Options, turn on “Enable Fast User Switching”. Add a new user by clicking the plus sign (+) below list the accounts.
  3. For the new account, choose “Managed with Parental Controls”. Choose the username and the password your child will use. Click “Create Account”. Be sure you do not check “Allow User to Administer This Computer” option. Click the “Open Parental Controls” button to configure the settings. You can configure System, Content, Mail & iChat, Time Limits and Logs.
  4. In “System” you can remove everything from the desktop and dock that you don’t want the child using. In “Content” you can set which, if any, websites your child can visit and what kinds of sites will show up in a Google search. For older kids you can specify which kids they can email and chat with.
  5. Finally you can personalize your child’s account with their picture or a picture of their favorite animal or favorite character (this will also help them identify which account is theirs).

We hope these tips help you have peace of mind when your children are on your computer. Protecting your children can also protect your computer from any changes that your child may make to your system without your permission. If you have any further questions on kid-proofing your computer, please contact our service experts!

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