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Frequenty Asked Questions - Sandy, Layton and Ogden, Utah

Do we work on Mac computers?
  • - YES! We are not a Mac certified service location, so we do not honor their warranties, but are absolutely able to repair Mac computers.
How much does virus removal cost?
  • - It depends on how infected your computer is. Sometimes they are so badly infected that we have to completely wipe the hard drive and reinstall your operating system and any data that might be important to you. Other times we are able to clean it up without wiping anything. We ALWAYS run our diagnostics FIRST so we have a thorough look at what we need to do to get your computer up and running again. Our diagnostics are $49.95.
How long does it take for a computer to become outdated?
  • - A desktop computer with a low end processor will generally last you anywhere from 2-4 years when used on a frequent basis. A desktop with a high end processor will give you about 3-5 years, when used on a frequent basis.
  • - For low end laptop computers we expect a life span of 2 years, max. For high end laptops we expect a life span of 4 years.
What are some things you can do to maintain your computer?
  • - Use a GOOD antivirus.
  • - Keep your computer clean from dust and debris.
  • - Do an annual clean up/ tune up.
Is Windows 10 ready for the public install?
  • - We don't recommend installing Win 10 on older computers; if you would like to try it make sure any software you are currently using is compatible with Win 10 FIRST. You may contact software support to find out.
Do you do you any cloud service?
  • - We work with companies who do provide cloud service, but we don't provide it ourselves.
Top 3 things you feel like you do better than others:
  • - 2. Response time
  • - 3. Turn-over rate
How often should a computer be tuned up?
  • - At least once a year.
How can I make my computer faster or keep it fast?
  • - Upgrading your RAM can speed up your computer, or buying computer with a better processor. Keeping your computer cleaned/tuned up will keep your computer up to speed.
What makes you different from other local computer stores?
  • - Again, our CUSTOMER SERVICE! But, particularly, our response time and turnover rate. Most computer repair shops will have your computer for WEEKS before your repairs are done, or they will need to schedule you weeks out for a home or business service, where we can more often than not get to you in the same week you called us!
Can you download files from a crashed computer?
  • - The hard drive has to be tested to determine whether or not the data is accessible.
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